When you use your home network (or any network for


When you use your home network  (or any network for that matter), there are many TCP/IP services that  you use on a daily basis such as email and browsing the Web. In your  week one reading, you were introduced to the TCP/IP protocol suite (this  is also called the TCP/IP model) and the OSI model. They may look very  different. For starters, the number of layers and some of the names  differ between the two, but they both are used to represent how a  network functions. This week we are taking a “deep dive” into both  TCP/IP protocol suite and the OSI model, focusing on the different  layers and their functionality. 

Learning about the TCP/IP  protocol suite and the OSI model will help you build a great networking  foundation- they are not only used to help teach how a network functions  but are also used today in the field to help aid in network  troubleshooting.   


  • In your own words, what occurs at each layer?
  • What kind of equipment is used at each level? (You may use the textbook and additional resources to help you answer).
  • Compare and contrast the TCP/IP protocol suite and the OSI model.  
    • How are they similar? How are they different?

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