What suggestions do you have for your classmates on their


  • What suggestions do you have for your classmates on their network cabling? 
  • Are there any other suggestions for what they should consider for their equipment setup? 


  • Where are you moving to for your new work-from-home position? Which  ISPs are available at this location? Which do you pick and why?

    I  chose Dallas Texas as the city the work from home job is in. This city  has quite a few ISPs. The ISPs range from at&t to T-Mobile to  spectrum, but the ISP I chose is called Earthlink Internet. The reason I  chose this provider is they have decent reviews and seem to be very  reliable along with the high speeds for the internet of up to 5000 mbps  download and upload with there most expensive option and even though it  is very pricy with prices reaching up to $190 one of the cheaper options  at $90 is the same price as the internet i am currently paying for and  provides 1000 mbps download and upload. 

  • What equipment do you need for your work-from-home position? What  does your ISP provide? What does your employer provide? What do you need  to provide?

    Earthlink does not provide any hardware so I would  need both a modem to have access to the internet an a router to send a  WIFI signal out. Some companies usually provide what is need for the job  itself but if this company does not I would likely need to get a  computer equipped for the job and a phone. 

  • What types of network cabling will you be using and with which devices?

    The ISP I chose uses fiber optic cables foe the modem so that is what I would be using.

  • How do you determine the IP addresses on your devices?

    You can usually determine the IP address on devices through the WIFI settings on your devices.

  • How will you set up equipment in your office in your new home? Will  you be using wireless or hard wire for your network connection? What  else should be considered?

    Everything will be set up neatly in  one of the rooms it will be the same room as the modem and router for  optimum internet connection. I will have to get a desk for the setup and  a VPN for all of my devices.


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