The Norton Museum: Introduce both pieces of artwork

Pick any two pieces of art that interest you in the Norton Museum

• They can be two paintings, a painting and a sculpture, etc. • Trust your gut, your aesthetics and your heightened sense of visual literacy when choosing your pieces.

Paper format: (Can be one paragraph for each) • Introductionparagraph talking about your visit to the museum. What were your expectations? Were they valid? Introduce both pieces of artwork. • Using formal analysis – compare and contrast each piece, using your vocabulary and the principles of design, talk about color, form, balance, composition, etc. • Using contextual analysis – Relate the time period to the art era in which it was made. Back up historical information with your textbook readings and our lecture notes. • Respond subjectively to any symbolism, expressive content, emotional interpretation you might have to the piece. • Conclusionparagraph talking about why you chose these two pieces

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