Spatial Narratives


Areas of interest (structure is suggestion only): 1. Spatial Narratives – Definition, origin and examples – including archaeological is any exist Relationship to ‘Spatial Turn’ (and any other ‘turns’ e.g. Digital, Narrative – if applicable) – Technologies involved? E.g. GIS (Geographical Information System) – Critiques? E.g. limitations re: affective/emotional engagement with users 2. Beyond Representation – Move in recent years (across humanities) away from purely representational mapping – Mapping meaning and emotions e.g. perceptions of distance (Gillings) or feelings of migrants in Amsterdam – Art and Cartography ( 3. Counter and Deep Mapping – Counter mapping: rejection of objective, single, authoritative voice – Voice/platform to disenfranchised e.g. Homeless Heritage – Rachel Kiddy; Refugees – Community building e.g. Parish Map – Common Ground organisation – Deep Mapping: ‘The essaying of Place’

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