Security Assessment Report

 Description Review the feedback and attached checklist to help ID what needs improvement. Overall slides too busy and wordy. Recommend using notes page to discuss each slide and present facts and details as if you were presenting the information to an audience. Missing information from each section. Didn’t see anything regarding the security analysis baseline, network security strategy, plan for the pen test engagement. Slide count is the minimum number of slides not max so you can have more and cover all sections of paper. Font used was too small at times and one slide had text running off slide. Need to address what specific costs are required to implement security controls to fix violations. Recommend a conclusion slide to summarize main points from paper. Also a question slide to close presentation. SAR Overall you did a great job on most of this document. However, since this is a report we need to use APA style formatting of the paper using headings not numbering. Recommend use Times New Roman 12 font for all papers. Avoid use of personal nouns such as I, we, our, you, etc. in writing. Save for personal letters.Spell out all abbreviations used the first time.Also use left justification. I can send you a template to help you. Table of contents not needed for document. Use titles required in each step as written. Security analysis baseline section very good but missing discussion on types of attacks and their impact on the organization. Check citations used with a label. Missing author with date. Avoid use of bullets when discussing information. Recommend use narrative paragraphs that discusses the facts in more detail. Tables not labeled according to APA. Also need to discuss tables and the information in each. Network defense strategy good but need to also write are your test procedures that could be used by others to assess the organization. Plan the penetration testing engagement less than the minimum two pages. missing letter of intent with ROE. Conduct a Network Penetration network test less than minimum four pages. Risk management cost benefit analysis OK. Recommend a conclusion section at end summarizing the main points from the paper as a closure. References OK but verify how referenced NIST They should all be similar.

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