Read pages 57101 chapters 46 in your textbook and review power point slides both attached to this question Answers are

Read pages 57-101 (chapters 4-6) in your textbook and review power point slides (both attached to this question)
Answers are based on the reading of chapters 4-6
In order to get full credit on your original post, you need to clearly connect your responses to historical evidence from the book (attached to this question), powerpoint slides (attached). Indicate the page number where you found the information to help me and your classmates follow up to gain insight.
Please number your answers
Topic 1: A Frontier Economy. 1. What is one thing that surprised you in Chapters 4 or 5?
What unique challenges did Michigan face in developing transportation networks within the state in the 1830s? 3. How did the discovery of natural resources allow Michigan to accelerate development?
Topic 2: A Legacy of Political Activism.
1. Why were Michigans early settlers disposed toward political activism? 2. Why was temperance (abstinence from alcohol) one of the primary political issues during the 1840s-1850s? 3. How did Michigan serve as a key player in the Abolitionist movement to end slavery? 4. Why were Michigans early settlers disposed to take such a hard stance against slavery?

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