Project 3 70 points Project format: Each page must be typed in 12point Times New Roman or similar typeface

Project 3 (70 points)
Project format: Each page must be typed in 12-point Times New Roman or similar typeface, 1” margins on all sides, double-spaced. Please remember to correct misspellings and grammatical errors. On the first page, in the upper right hand corner, place your name, class title (TECH 454 – Environmental Engineering), and the date. Also on the first page, below the name block, place the title: “Project 3”.
the due to on 7 hours
Write your answers to the following questions in Short Essay Format. Be sure to be descriptive in your answers. Include reasons and facts as required to support your answers. Cite examples.
Number your answers for each question.
1. (45 points total for this section) Visit a local hardware or retail store or research on the Internet, and identify a variety of products (excluding laptops, cell phones, tablets, smartwatches, and computers) that incorporate a replaceable rechargeable battery as part of the design. Be sure to mention the store(s) or sites visited and the products you searched. Give examples and be descriptive for each part:
a.(15 points) Identify one product that was designed for easy removal and replacement of the battery. Describe how the battery removal works.
b. (15 points) Identify one product that has good labeling to inform the consumer about the proper disposal of the battery. (Think easy to see/read. A symbol/picture that says to not throw it away isnt
labeling for proper battery disposal.
c. (15 points) Describe one product that you couldsuggest physical modifications to its design to make it easier to access and replace the batteries. Be descriptive in how youd modify the product (Putting a label on the product does not count as a physical modification.)
2. (25 points total) Use the Internet or library to help find information on geothermal power. What are the current barriers to the building more geothermal power plants? How much progress has been made in improving the efficiency and reducing the cost of this technology?

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