Portrait of a Teacher

Portrait of a Teacher

Due: Portraiture is a method of qualitative research that blurs the boundaries of aesthetics and empiricism in an effort to capture the complexity, dynamics, and subtlety of human experience and organizational life. Portraitists seek to record and interpret the perspectives and experiences of the people they are studying, documenting their voices and their visions – their authority, knowledge, and wisdom. -Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot (1997) Each student will interview one current K-12 teacher in order to describe and analyze how they conceptualizes their professional work and sense of empowerment in their professional life. Your written portrait (6-7 pages) will pay special attention to the context in which the teacher works and how a particular issue affects how this individual thinks about and engages in teaching. The interview questions will be partially constructed by the full class and partially by the individual student. I did an interview with a 2nd-grade teacher she called Anna. I will attach our conversation in my order. I asked her nine questions, I record her answer. You should write the portrait according to her answers.

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