please summarize the following in the replies here in 1 to 2 sentences: A. Who are the authors B. What

please summarize the following in the replies here in 1 to 2 sentences:
A. Who are the authors?
B. What is the main point of the article? What is the evidence or the main argument?
C. How is this related to the class material?
D.3 question for introduction to the class discussion.
eg:Title: Bioregional Anthology of Northern California – Reinhabiting California
A. Authors: Raymond Desmond & Peter Berg
B. Main Point: Human life depends on the continuation of other life.
The main point of this article is to introduce and pursued its readers into investing more time, energy and life into reinhabiting areas that have been disrupted and injured through past exploitation. They encourage their readers to start building communities up by living-in-place. Living-in-Place is the idea of living in one place for longer periods of time without leaving a devastating impact on its surrounding environment, by contributing to it ecosystem and not dominating a space by removing its natural species and native people.
C. Main Arguments & Evidence:
Small scale
Applying for memberships in a biotic community and ceasing to be its exploiters; ie. Community gardens
Large scale
Reincorporate life in lifeless communities by protecting watersheds; network of springs, creeks, and rivers flowing together in a specific area exerts a dominant influence on all non-human life
Define the watersheds, restrict growth; industrial and technological development in areas surrounding.
Maintain mountains; Restore paths and clear out pollutions
Redistribution of lands back to small farmers; The Central Valley is home to thousands of square miles of agricultural farming produced by fossil fuels and artificial fertilizer (ie. polluting our foods with toxins)
Reforestation around watersheds
Evidence: Invaders Vs. Inhabitants
500+ tribal republics lived and nurtured their lands for over 15,000 years without causing lasting damage to their surrounding ecosystems by believing all life mattered.
Lived with respect & reverence and by practicing non-exploitive behaviors towards all creatures.
E. Questions:
What do the authors mean when they say human life depends on continuation of other life?
How can processes such as Living-In-Place and Reinhabiting land practices be enforced on a lager scale? Can or should the government step in to force such practices?
Which ecosystems are the most vulnerable in California and what steps can help rectify the situation?
How can Central Valley, which is considered to be the most toxic agricultural capital in our country, limit their greenhouse gas emissions?

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