Plain package labelling of cigarettes in Australia.

Health Policy POPH90206


policy instruments or issues:

Plain package labelling of cigarettes in Australia.


Describe the policy issue (in no more than one paragraph) and the policy situation in the country

selected (no more than one paragraph).


Discuss and provide evidence where possible on those factors (e.g. existing legislation, government

policy making structures, supporting scientific evidence) and key interest groups that have influenced

this policy/policy idea, in what way (e.g. influenced agenda setting, policy acceptance, implementation

of the policy, policy perceptions) and how. When describing the key interest groups, explain why they

may have an interest in the policy instrument/policy (e.g., economic consequences) and the likely or

actual level of ‘power’ they have in influencing policy decisions.


Your paper should include a brief introduction (one paragraph) that mentions the policy issue and/or

instrument selected and the overall purpose of the paper; and a brief conclusion (one paragraph) that

provides an overall summation of your paper.


As sources of information for this assignment option, consider online policy related documents, peer

reviewed literature, news articles, and commentary from key stakeholders/interest groups.


In undertaking this assignment, you will build skills in sourcing policy related research literature (peer reviewed and grey literature), policy briefs, Acts of Parliament, etc., and gain knowledge in those factors that contribute and influence policy making and implementation. These skills could be used to facilitate the use of evidence to policy, to navigate and promote action on policy issues by understanding key factors that contribute towards and influence policy making and implementation and hence ongoing policy sustainability. This is particularly useful to policy makers, those seeking to influence policy, those implementing policies, and policy researchers interested in the translation of research to policy, and research into what works, how and why in the public policy sphere.

Note that the word count does not include the list of references

It is expected that you refer to material covered in class and your readings (and wider reading) where


As well as addressing the tasks above, your report should demonstrate (and will also be assessed


• Clarity and logic in the expression of ideas and concepts presented

• Research skills in sourcing relevant information (at least 12 references – that includes class


• Evaluation and synthesis of evidence/information derived from other sources

• Originality

• Analytical in nature – not just descriptive.

• Appropriate use of citations and referencing


Citation style: Note that the citation style you use for your written work must be consistent and follow a

standard style. A description of the common styles available can be found at:

Assessment rules and policies: MSPGH assessment rules and policies exist in relation to extension

policy, special consideration, assessment penalties that may apply, submission procedures, and

academic honesty and plagiarism. These policies and procedures are outlined on the LMS under the

section titled Assessment.


§ Turnitin via LMS. (Submission point will be posted in ‘Assessment’ folder)

§ Ensure spacing of the text is 1.5

§ Submit as word rather than Pdf document. This will allow comments to be inserted directly

into your assignment and checking of word count. You are welcome to also forward a Pdf

copy to Helen Jordan directly if you have any concern for the stability of your formatting etc.

§ When you submit, check that you receive an emailed receipt. This will be needed if there is

a problem with the submission. Email the assignment to Helen Jordan as evidence of timely

submission if there is a problem.

§ Feel free to email questions to the subject coordinator along the way.

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