Organizational Development – Case Study Page 446 – 448


1. Read the assigned case study. • Week 6 – Cambia Health Solutions (pages 446-448 in textbook) 2. Answer the following questions for each case in a paper following APA format: • Presenting Situation – What was the presenting situation and how was it diagnosed?

• OD Intervention Selected – Which OD intervention was selected and why? How was this intervention effective in creating change in the organization? • Additional Recommendations – What additional recommendations would you suggest for this organization?

FORMAT ● APA (American Psychological Association) format: Your paper needs to conform to APA format standards. Use academic voice and avoid slang/colloquial language. (Please refer to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th edition) for proper formatting guidelines.) o Title Page o No abstract required o Content Pages (include the section headers from the questions above) o References ● All submissions must be in Word format. ● Your paper should be a minimum of two full pages of content (excluding the title page and references) and may not exceed three pages of content. ● A minimum of 1 reference is required. Your textbook can count as the reference for these assignments. If you use any other sources, they must be cited. 

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