In this lecture, I explained some of the reasons why


In this lecture, I explained some of the reasons why Christianity spread successfully in the Roman Empire in the first few centuries CE. Which reason do you think played the biggest role in helping to spread the new religion to Roman citizens between the 1st and 4th centuries CE (0 – 399 CE)? 

Directions for Answering the Question:

  • Using information from the lecture, 
    1. Identify and fully describe 4 reasons that the new religion of Christianity spread so successfully in the Roman Empire
      • Make sure you talk about Christianity as a new religion established after Jesus’s crucifixion. Do not discuss the conflict between the different Jewish groups or what Jesus said. 
      • Make sure to stay focused on the information in the lecture. That’s what I’m grading you on. Although you’re welcome to discuss it, I don’t give credit for why you personally think Christianity is great or not.
    2. Identify which reason you believe was most important for the spread of Christianity in the Roman Empire between the 1st and 4th centuries CE (0 – 399 CE).
    3. Fully explain why the reason you chose was most important. Support your answer by bringing in specific information and examples from the lecture.

Important Rules for all Lecture Questions:

  • Only use information from the lecture to answer the question. These questions are intended to check that you watched and understood the lecture. If you use information from an outside source/s, your assignment will receive a zero.
  • Fully explain your statements and include specific examples from the lecture. 
  • Explain all information in your own words. Do not quote or copy and paste from the lecture or my powerpoint. Doing so will earn your assignment a zero.
  • Use good grammar, including complete sentences and correct punctuation. You may use bullet points, but the information you write out beside those bullet points should be complete sentences, not single words or sentence fragments. 

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