Goal: To influence the ideas beliefs values or behavior of the audience Requirements: You should choose a challenging topic

Goal: To influence the ideas, beliefs, values or behavior of the audience
-You should choose a challenging topic rather than something that we might already believe or do.
For your topic, you can:
-persuade us to do something that is beneficial for us.
*create, change or eliminate any type of policy (a law or rule).
It can be a personal policy, college policy, driving law, city ordinance, state policy or law (CA), federal policy or law (USA), or an international policy or law (UN).
*You will need a minimum of three credible sources to cite out loud during your speech at different times (also include these within your outline).
-Submit an outline that conforms to the outline format for the assignment. Your main points in the body of the speech should be in the effect, cause, solution format.
*The speech should be 6-9 minutes.
Steps for completion
Select a topic
Research the topic and find credible sources to cite in the speech
Narrow your topic (if needed)
Rehearse with a timer
Deliver to your audience

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