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What type of mutant organism would you make if you had the technology? Would you create a new type of worm with longevity? A mutant rice with increased nutritional value? A dog that glows in the dark? All of these currently exist. Think about it. What would you create? 1. Decide what type of organism and what type of mutation you would like to create. (You can pick human, plant, animal, bacteria – whatever you fancy.) 2. Think about what sort of specific technology/techniques you want to use: cloning, molecular gene manipulation, breeding, etc. What genes or proteins will you target to get the phenotype you desire? 3. Explain how your organism will benefit society, ie. justify the expense of funding your research. 4. Draw a detailed picture of your mature organism. Take a picture of your drawing. Convert to pdf with CamScanner or other App. Information to include in your post in addition to your picture: a. Scientific name of your mutant b. Explanation of its abilities or phenotype. c. Description of genes/proteins targeted and method used d. Benefit to society

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