Genetic fortunetelling

 Write out the introductory paragraph that will indicate what you are intending to do in your project. Have the specific names and positions of interviewees who you have reached out to and the dates that you have set up interviews with them if you haven’t interviewed them already. If you can interview one or both of them ahead of the first draft, please include at least some of the written transcript of what was said or some of the key quotes from the interview, and you might want to consider using Otter for this. If you haven’t interviewed any source yet (bear in mind you can, and probably should, have more than two direct sources who you are interviewing –– two is just the minimum required), please include a list of questions you intend to ask each of them and let me know what dates your interviews are set up for. Please indicate which other research sources you intend to use, whether they be articles, videos, other interviews you’ve heard, and try to put some “meat on the bones” of your outline. If you can, please start to write out passages where you have enough information based on the research you’ve gathered that could be used for the piece. It’s OK if these drafts are unstructured, have big holes, or don’t display perfect grammar at this stage. 

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