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Due by Tuesday 5/23/2017 8p.m.


For your final project, choose three areas of healthcare ethics that interest you. These could be topical areas or current events. In a single document, summarize each of the three areas in two paragraphs per case, and why you would like to explore them. Ask one ethical and one legal question that might be present within the realm of each topic.

Lastly, e-mail your topics to your instructor for approval—please inform your instructor of the topic that you have chosen to focus on in the following weeks.

Submit your 6-paragraph paper

On a separate page, cite all sources using the APA format.

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This assignment requires the selection of three areas of healthcare ethics that pique our interest. The purpose is to provide a summary of each chosen area along with an explanation of why we wish to further explore them. Additionally, two questions, one ethical and one legal, are to be posed for each topic. The topics and questions will then be submitted to the instructor for approval.

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