Epidemiology and Surveillance

Research the public health agency in Chicago, IL and develop a presentation on its structure, response capabilities, surveillance tools, and role in emergency management. In your response, include a description of the community served by the department (Chicago), its emergency response structure, surveillance systems that are used at hospitals, biohazard detection system (BDS) sites, and the department’s role in Biowatch. In addition, provide an overview of the department’s role during emergencies where it serves as the lead and where it serves as a support agency. Review the Key Assignment description in Unit 1. This Unit’s assignment will assist in Part B and C of the Key Assignment: Developing an organizational structure. 1. Public Health Assessment for Community of __________ A. Define the community and its interaction with the local health department B. Develop an organizational structure of your local health department C. Submit a health hazard assessment and prioritization for the community and why you believe the hazards were ranked so D. Assess the current public health role and capabilities to respond to the top hazard 2. Public Health Strategic Plan E. Analyze areas of improvement and develop a policy F. Submit a strategic plan based on the policy discussing what the role of public health should be during the identified hazard. This strategic plan must address the 10 essential services of public health.

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