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write bullet points on 2 PowerPoint slides on the following questions for the city of West Hills, Los Angeles. You can include some facts about the homeless population and elder population And what is offered for single teen moms and homeless shelters? Food banks? Uhmmm senior facilities?  Basically based on the city of lowest hills we need to find out what the city provides the public as well as answering the questions below  

-what would it be like to be elderly in this community?

-what would it be like to be homeless in this community?

-what would it be like to be a young single teenage mother in this community?

You can use websites such as:

and others

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In this assignment, we will explore the city of West Hills, Los Angeles, focusing on the conditions and available resources for different segments of the population. Specifically, we will discuss the experiences of the elderly, homeless individuals, and young single teenage mothers in this community. Through this analysis, we aim to gain insights into the support systems and challenges faced by these groups in West Hills.

Slide 1: Elderly Population in West Hills
– Facts about the elderly population in West Hills, Los Angeles
– Percentage of elderly residents
– Average age of the elderly population
– Available resources and support for the elderly in this community
– Senior care facilities/services
– Access to healthcare services
– Recreational activities and social programs
– Transportation options for seniors

Slide 2: Homeless Population and Single Teenage Mothers in West Hills
– Homeless population in West Hills
– Statistics on homelessness
– Factors contributing to homelessness
– Support systems and resources for the homeless in this community
– Homeless shelters and temporary housing options
– Outreach programs and assistance for finding permanent housing
– Access to healthcare and mental health services
– Employment and vocational training opportunities
– Support for young single teenage mothers in this community
– Programs and resources for teenage mothers
– Counseling and parenting support
– Educational opportunities for young mothers
– Childcare facilities and services

Please note that the provided bullet points are brief outlines for PowerPoint slides. It is essential to conduct further research and gather specific information about West Hills, Los Angeles, to provide accurate and comprehensive answers to the questions posed in this assignment.

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