Climate Change and Natural Disasters: How would you predict climate

This written assignment requirement is for a minimum of 5 double-spaced pages of text, submitted in APA format, using 12-point font. In addition, your paper should include a cover page, abstract and reference page. A minimum of two scholarly sources must be used. Rubric for Content Assessment Total Points Skills **** Demonstrates excellence in grasping key concepts; critiques the work of others; provides ample evidence of support for opinions; readily offers new interpretations of discussion materials. *** Shows evidence of understanding most of the major concepts; is able to agree or disagree when prompted; is skilled in basic level of support for opinions; offers an occasional divergent viewpoint. ** Has mostly shallow grasp of the material; rarely takes a stand on issues; offers inadequate levels of support. * Shows no significant understanding of material.

Rubric for Assessing Expression Total Points Skills **** Student uses complex, grammatically correct sentences on a regular basis; expresses ideas clearly, concisely, cogently, in logical fashion; uses words that demonstrate a high level of vocabulary; has rare misspellings. *** Sentences are generally grammatically correct; ideas are readily understood but show signs of disorganization; some transitions between concepts are missing; there are occasional misspellings, especially with homonyms not detected with spelling checks. ** Poor use of the language garbles much of the message; only an occasional idea surfaces clearly; language is disjointed; there is overuse of the simple sentence and repetition of words; paragraphs are often unrelated to each other.

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