Clif Bar Company understands that employees cannot be satisfied only dissatisfied on maintenance extrinsic factors such as salary and fringe

Clif Bar & Company understands that employees cannot be satisfied (only dissatisfied) on maintenance (extrinsic) factors such as salary and fringe benefits. Rather, motivators (extrinsic) factors such as meaningful work, job enrichment, and growth potential through job responsibility, autonomy, and development keep employees highly satisfied. It is more than just a job, rather, employees feel a deeper sense of meaning can be derived from the opportunity to have a positive influence on both the company and the community while building a sustainable work-life balance. Founder and CEO Gary Erickson’s vision is “If I want to keep employees passionate and engaged, I’ve got to let them go, to make sure they have time to live their lives, have adventures in the world, and come back refreshed.”
1. Does Vroom’s expectancy theory support Clif Bar & Company’s policies? Why or why not?
2. Are Clif Bar & Company’s methods sustainable, long-term motivators for its employees? Be sure to use theory from the chapter to support your answer.
3. Drawing from your experiences and preferences, would perks and fringe benefits similar to those that Clif Bar offer be an effective motivator for you? Would the company’s development and job enrichment opportunities be a motivator for you? Why or why not?
4. In what ways does human resource management support Clif Bar’s employee engagement techniques?
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