Capture and analyze the key arguments of the two following readings: 1 Winters and Gould WB Accountability in Chad 2

Capture and analyze the key arguments of the two following readings: 1) Winters and Gould, WB Accountability in Chad
2) Stiglitz Ch3: Making Trade Fair
NOTE: the two texts are not directly related to each other. Your reading essay therefore consists of two free-standing discussions.
Structure each discussion as follows:
– What is the text broadly about / what is the author’s main argument? Don’t summarize the entire text, zero in on the big picture.
– Identify one or two examples or events that are used as illustration
– Discuss the broader implication of the text in relation to lecture material and possibly other course readings.
Ask yourself, what did I learn from this text?
Total length (for both reading discussions): 1000 to 1200 words.
– Put your name at the top of the page.
– Note word count in the upper right corner of the page.
– Try to stick to the word count. If you end up above it, edit it down: delete, rephrase, condense, consolidate. – Put the full bibliographical reference at the top of each discussion.
– Clearly organize your argument, avoid repetition.
– Avoid statements like “I agree with the author” without explaining why.
– Generally avoid fillers like “I think” “I believe”. This is your analysis; it is understood that what you write is your take on these readings.
Use direct quotes very sparingly and generally paraphrase in your own words. When you use a direct quote, reference it with page number. Such as: Nye concludes that “the open international system has served the United States well.” (p. 2).
Grading: You will be graded
– on your ability to succinctly identify key issues addressed by the two authors,
– on your ability to bring out common themes and differences in your final analysis,
– on organization, clarity of writing, and grammar (Have someone read through your work particularly if you are not a native speaker!)

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