Bipedalism Research Paper

Description This assignment’s purpose is to research a topic further than just googling; to be able to academically research. The sources you use need to be academic. What is ment by academic is that they should be peer-reviewed academic journals.    Since you need three sources, you stand to fail this assignment rather quickly if you don’t have valid sources. What are acceptable sources? All fields in science have peer-reviewed publications, usually in the form of journals. This is how research and conclusions are presented. Peer-reviewed means they have gone through a rigorous process and any conclusions presented have to include what methods were used as well as background and analysis. Here are a few examples in the Anthropology world American Journal of Physical Anthropology American Journal of Primatology And this will give you possible links to all anthropology journals. You are more than welcome to bring in publications from other disciplines. Do not pay for any publication. Any journal (above included) you need will be available through the SDSU library for free. Common misconceptions about acceptable sources: 1. It ends in a .edu. This does not make it an academic source. Look at who wrote what you are reading and see if they have published. 2. The Smithsonian, National Geographic are also not allowed. Again, look at who wrote the article or whose research the article is referencing. In-text citation: This is a concept that eludes most people. If you are using an idea that is not common knowledge you need to provide an in-text citation (see style guide and assignment). When you are paraphrasing one of your sources, you need to cite. When you quote, you need to cite. When in doubt, cite. Not citing is called plagiarism. Frequently asked questions about sources:  Some books are acceptable, some are not.  Citing and quoting: Your paper should be in your own words (remember to still cite). You are welcome to use quotes, but do not make your paper quote-heavy. Your paper should not be a bunch of quotes tied together.

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