Behavior Modification Analysis

research an existing program from credible sources such as, American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, American Lung Association,, NACOLG summarizing the behavior change program and answering the questions below.

1. Select a behavior change program.

2. Thoroughly investigate your program and include the following information in your summary paper: a. Basic description of program including contact information. b. Cost (does the program qualify for health insurance?) c. Program candidate(s)(Which target population is this program for? d. Which behavior change model(s) are used in your program and why? e. Identify and describe at least one

(1) behavior change process and how it is used in the program. i.e. motivation, countering, self-efficacy, cognitive restructuring, commitment, goal setting, etc. f. Share a minimum of (2) barriers to change that would likely exist for this behavior change program. Describe how this barrier would impact this behavior modification program. g. Give your opinion of the effectiveness of the program. Support your opinion.

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