Argumentative Essay Format I. IntroductionThesis Statement Brief intro to your topic Thesis statement: What you will be arguing Ex. In

Argumentative Essay Format
I. Introduction/Thesis Statement? Brief intro to your topic? Thesis statement: What you will be arguing à Ex. “In this paper I will argue that marijuana should be legal for recreational use because of X, Y, & Z.
”II. Your argument? The reasons why you are correct about your topic à This is the X, Y, & Z
III. Counter-Argument? The argument in response to your own argument. For example: “Some people may argue that marijuana should not be legal because it is a gateway drug that leads to harder drugs… This is because…
”IV. Your response to Counter-Argument? Why you are still right despite the objections raised by the counter-argumentV.
Conclusion? Brief Summary of your argument along with any additional thoughts.

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