After reading the assigned resources this week please utilize the academic sources of your choice to formulate a KM plan

After reading the assigned resources this week, please utilize the academic sources of your choice to formulate a KM plan for an organization of your choice. In your write-up, ensure that you address how knowledge is gathered, stored, and disseminated for pertinent decision-makers throughout the firm.
You should develop a knowledge management plan from the perspective of a chief technology officer. Be sure to include information on how knowledge within an organization will be obtained, stored, updated, and shared. Additionally, you should also address the advantages of being a nimble organization and what that means in terms of meeting the demands of consumers and changes in the international environment.
Length: 12 – 15 pages, not including title and reference page
References: Include a minimum of 10 scholarly resources (published within the last 3 years)
Required Readings:
– Becerra-Fernandez, I., Leidner, D. E., & Leidner, D. (2008). Knowledge management: An evolutionary view. New York, NY: Routledge.
– Saad, I., Rosenthal-Sabroux, C., & Gargouri, F. (Eds.). (2014). Information systems for knowledge management: Information systems for knowledge…
– Bharati, P., Zhang, W., & Chaudhury, A. (2015). Better knowledge with social media? Exploring the roles of social capital and organizational…
– Tzortzaki, A. M., & Mihiotis, A. (2014). A review of knowledge management theory and future directions. Knowledge & Process Management, 21(1), 29–41.

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