1. The text talks about how recruiters are beginning to

1. The text talks about how recruiters are beginning to heavily use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other smart technology recruiting tools in their jobs. One of the major selling points in using this, besides the fact that these programs save significant amounts of recruiter time, is that AI can make better decisions than human recruiters because of the lack of bias. 

It’s important to remember that AI sorts resumes, sends the resumes of qualified applicants to a recruiter who then initiates contact witht the candidate.   AI doesn’t interview candidats, AI doesn’t hire candidates.   Recruiters fill that function.

Would you like AI to be used if you were applying for a job position? Why, or why not? How would you prepare your resume to ensure that, when AI is used, your resume if chosen?

2. The three primary options for what to evaluate in performance appraisals are traits, behaviors, and results. As a manager, which option would you choose? Why?

3. Self-driving, or driverless, cars are quickly becoming a reality. In the readings for Chapter 4, four advantages to driverless cars were presented. If you were the recipient of a driverless car, would this technology be advantageous for you? Why, or why not? Which advantage would benefit you the most?

4. When you started your small business, you managed all business processes on your own. Now, your business is expanding, and you have hired employees to help. Would you consider implementing an ERP system or would you continue to use applications like MS Office (i.e. Word, Excel, Access) to manage your business processes? Be sure to explain the reasons behind your choice.

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